Diplomatic protocol limo service

When foreign Leaders & Dignitaries, ministers or senior government officials are visiting Zagreb Capital of Croatia they require a Diplomatic protocol. It includes vehicles which are black colour, professional drivers with experience, complete privacy, and confidentiality, mainly Mercedes Benz vehicles. All this can be provided with Luxury Transfers Croatia Limo service. In the last 10 years, we have been invited to cooperate with Croatian Government when VIP delegations arrived in Zagreb. Our job was to provide all types of vehicles for the staff, like coaches, minibus, minivans and sedan vehicles. Often this were multiple day visits to Croatia. One of those events was 2016. the arrival of Turkish President to Zagreb. Part of the delegation, the Turkish ministry of commerce had many different meetings across the city of Zagreb and surroundings. The Diplomatic protocol includes waiting at the airport by the runway so government officials could reach the vehicle as fast as possible because of security reasons. Motorcades are used to transport a very important person (VIP), usually a political figure. Such a motorcade is usually accompanied by police cars and other protection. This is to make sure the people in the motorcade are safe. For instance, motorcades for presidents often have four to six armored cars, with police motorcycles and cars going in front and behind. Depending on the size of the motorcade and who it is carrying, streets may be completely blocked off so no-one else can use them. This is common for the security of heads of state or government.

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